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CASS-India conducts two categories of research such as self generated research and customized research. Currently, the ratio is almost 90 per cent of our research is customized research for our clients, funding agencies and members and only 10 per cent is self generated research meant for public consumption.

Since CASS-India is a private research center, it cannot afford to do more self generated research at the moment but we are trying our best to fill the gap whenever we get a chance in future. Already, CASS-India’s expertise has been utilized by various governments in the Afro-Asian region for conflict resolution and peace building exercises.

CASS-India’s main endeavor is to create public awareness on various geo strategic issues grappling Afro-Asian region and bring out innovative solutions through various channels, Track-1.5 and Track-2 engagements, special medium and public interplays.

As dialogue is the best way to resolve any problem, the region must try to find out futuristic solutions to impending problems.  This will help millions of people in the region to live in peace and strive for prosperity, while improving quality of their lives.

Apart from military, nuclear industry, foreign policy, energy, terrorism, transnational threats, geo economics and regional groupings, CASS-India has started working on non-traditional security threats. Currently, CASS-India is devoting its resources to analyze climate change, large scale migration, food security, water crisis, sea borne piracy, gun running activities, futuristic threats and outer space and cosmic implications for Afro-Asian region.

Above all, CASS-India undertakes special projects, futuristic studies and runs regional centers for various governments, groups and associated partners from time to time. However, as a matter of policy, these projects should be fully funded by interested parties.

However, CASS-India also prepares project reports, country profile, strategic defence doctrines, short term strategic and foreign policy related study projects, medium scale analytical reports and working papers on the basis of the demands of our clients and associated partners.