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Terrain warfare
JUL. 2014: Difficult terrain in the early years of warfare (World War I and World War II) was that landscape that was serrated with trenches and cratered by the fall of heavy ball-type artillery which
Winter warfare
JUL. 2014: The Indian Army is considered as among the best trained army in the world when it comes to mountain or high altitude warfare. India, due to
Body armor
JUL. 2014: India is in the process of creating the Future Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS). The conceptual framework of the project is to impart increased
Chopper needs
JUL. 2014: The efficacy of an attack helicopter or a helicopter gunship is best understood in pugilistic terminology. Where it enjoys the advantage
Border settlement
JUL. 2014: Prime Minister Narendra Modis brainwave to allow a transplantation of population in Arunachal Pradesh is a strategy that appears to have been only
Maritime challenges
JUN. 2014: In April 2010, Chinese Rear Admiral Zhang Huachen, then-deputy commander of the East Sea Fleet of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy
VSHORAD system
JUN. 2014: The then Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh had warned almost three years ago that Indian Army’s air defence system has become
SAM deployment
JUN. 2014: The scramble for the acquisition of the very short range air defence (VSHORAD) system began when it became known that Pakistan
Sea patrol
JUN. 2014: The Indian Navys Sukanya and Saryu class of offshore patrol vessels give India a trans-oceanic capability of sea control, sea denial
FDI in defence
JUN. 2014: The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) of the ministry of Commerce and Trade has delivered an old wine