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Combat platforms
OCT. 2014 : The Indian Air Force is, in the year 2014, in a state of gradual denudation of its fighter squadrons and rather laborious and painstaking negotiations
Unified command
OCT.2014: Jointmanship of the armed forces was intended to ensure that there would be a commonality of equipment wherever possible
Modern guns
SEP. 2014: There are guns and there are guns. Depends on what one wants to shoot. If one wants to carry a gun for self-defence (or homicide) then the weapon
Artillery modernization
SEP. 2014: The Indian artillery modernization program has now become a subject of laughing stock in strategic circles.
Submarine rescue
SEP. 2014: The history of submarine operation is mixed with tragedy and success but modern navies are going for high quality deep sea rescue technologies to save
Naval operations
SEP. 2014: It is heartrending to see Indian Navy, which had earned for itself an enviable reputation of being forward looking-as seen in
Night fighting capabilities
AUG. 2014: For long, the cry was heard that the Indian Army was largely night blind or unable to fight a war in
Nanotechnology for soldiers
AUG. 2014: With the advent of nanotechnology in military warfare, it is no more a dream or a just science fiction where
Requirement of UCAV
AUG. 2014: Conceived in 2007 the Indian unmanned strike air vehicle (USAV)-an attack version of
Infrastructure along LAC
AUG. 2014: There has been talk of improvement of infrastructure-helipads, airstrips for heavy-lift