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Unmanned vehicles
DEC. 2014: Air superiority is an essential military mission, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Control of the air is not
India's UCAVs
DEC. 2014: For India it took decades of trial and error and competence building on manned target training aircraft to transit to pilotless target trainers to unmanned aerial
Naval aviation
DEC. 2014 : Todays naval aircraft have come a long way from the Wright Brothers flying machine. These modern and complex aircraft require a maintenance
Cold Start Doctrine
DEC. 2014: India is better prepared to deal with any Pakistan tank attack anywhere along its western front than it has ever been. The two major tank battles that
Chinese submarines in IO
DEC. 2014: There is no way that the Government of India can expedite the acquisition of submarines and anti-submarine assets
Role of submarines
DEC. 2014: With significant changes in mission requirements spawned by advances in technology and the threat, the role of submarine remains an
Anti ship missile
NOV. 2014: The regional arms race has brought potent warfare capabilities to many countries that are now eager to either indigenously
Managing borders
NOV. 2014: Given the increasing frequency of Chinese intrusions along the Line of Actual Control and Pakistan’s attempts at infiltration of terrorists
Amphibious warfare
NOV. 2014 : Amphibious warfare is normally synonymous with a cooperative naval and army operation with the former providing the transportation and the
IAF modernization
OCT. 2014: The modernization of Indian Air Force requires billions of dollars of budgetary support, the lack of which restrains the government from