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Heavy-lift capability
SEP-OCT 2015: India is increasingly being confronted by a two-front war situation compounded by a Fifth Column of Pakistani trained jihadis operating
Small arms
SEP-OCT 2015: The saga of the Indian Army’s acquisition programme for small arms and assault rifles is a scam wrapped within a farce.
Hi-tech soldier
JUL-AUG 2015: As modern battlefields get more and more complex, lethal, diverse and multidimensional, the fighting infantry soldiers need to be armed accordingly to face the challenge of operating across the entire spectrum of conflict.
Airborne surveillance
JUL-AUG 2015: To keep an eye on the enemy activities deep inside the opponents territory, military commanders are increasingly relying
Air defence shield
JUL-AUG 2015: Missiles in their surface-to-air configuration are dependent on their efficacy on range and a multi-layered nature of their deployment. Thus shoulder-fired man-portable (MANPADS) and fixed-launch point-defence missiles are considered the last shield against low-flying aircraft and, in the case of the latter, against surface-skimming projectiles.
Unmanned armored vehicles
JUL-AUG 2015: With the advent of new technologies, unmanned ground vehicles are being increasingly used to defend ground
Defence cooperation
MAY-JUN 2015: Prime Minister Narendra Modis Act East diplomacy was in full play during his recent visit to Seoul, South Korea. Though the
Naval patrol
MAY-JUN 2015: There is evidence of a heartening improvement in maritime surveillance as seen in the pre-emptive interception of suspected Pakistani surface vessels to penetrate Indian territorial waters or indulge in criminal activity on the high seas.
Combating darkness
MAY-JUN 2015: Battlefield transparency under all types of conditions will hold the key to success of a military operation in the 21st Century. Militaries will need critical technologies and weapons which can provide the ability to overpower
ASW capability
MAY-JUN 2015: Anti-submarine warfare is a multilayered operation involving all elements ranging from the air, surface to the sub-surface domains.