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Naval patrol
MAY-JUN 2015: There is evidence of a heartening improvement in maritime surveillance as seen in the pre-emptive interception of suspected Pakistani surface vessels to penetrate Indian territorial waters or indulge in criminal activity on the high seas.
Combating darkness
MAY-JUN 2015: Battlefield transparency under all types of conditions will hold the key to success of a military operation in the 21st Century. Militaries will need critical technologies and weapons which can provide the ability to overpower
ASW capability
MAY-JUN 2015: Anti-submarine warfare is a multilayered operation involving all elements ranging from the air, surface to the sub-surface domains.
Trainer aircraft
MAY-JUN 2015: The saga of the indigenous creation of an ab initio propeller driven trainer aircraft and an initial jet trainer (IJT) aircraft for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd reads like the script of a farce
Artillery modernization
MAR-APR 2015: After about 28 years of misbegotten abstention in acquisition of new artillery guns for the Indian Army there is a glimmer of hope that an indigenous Bofors gun could emerge
Submarine needs
MAR-APR 2015: The state of the submarine arm of the Indian Navy is dismal. With a high of 20 vessels in its inventory in the 80s when the threats to the Indian mainland were
Make in India
MAR-APR 2015: The recently concluded Aero India 2015 was a much bigger show as compared to last decade and with Indian Prime Narendra Modi
Artillery guns
MAR-APR 2015: Though the sanction for 814 artillery guns worth Rs 15,750 crore ( US$ 2.56 billion) was cleared last November, by the Defence Minister
Tank upgradation
JAN-FEB 2015: The Indian armored regiment’s modernization is not as pathetic as the Indian artillery regiments, which has not seen
Defence cooperation
JAN-FEB 2015: India and Russia are once again set to further deepen their defence nuclear technology cooperation. The issue of acquiring