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Modern tactical battlefield
JAN-FEB 2016: The tank warfare just few years ago was being dubbed as ‘history’ after the invention of military satellite
MBT in modern land warfare
JAN-FEB 2016: The evolution of multidimensional new age battlefield has rendered the modern MBTs insignificant a
Anti-tank missile development
JAN-FEB 2016: Among the first weapons system not driven by the need to match the Chinese was initiated almost
China-Pakistan infrastructure in PoK
JAN-FEB 2016: Any military action requires political will. Does the Bharatiya Janta Party which leads the National Democratic
South China Sea
NOV-DEC 2015: Maritime sovereignty disputes in the region, particularly in the South China Sea, have been a source of tension and a destabilizing factor in the Asia-Pacific region. To translate the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Community into reality, ASEAN needs to address internal differences and garner a collective power of unity that pushes for a peaceful and durable solution to the South China Sea issue, such as setting up mechanisms to maintain maritime order and stability, prevent tensions and avoid escalation into armed conflicts.
Fighting tactics
NOV-DEC 2015: High mountain terrain is often inaccessible, uninhabitable or of no apparent value, yet peoples and states still fight to possess it.  Long, bloody wars have been fought, and are being fought. Over the past six decaded, high-altitude combat has raged in Africa, Asia, and South America.
DSRV technology
NOV-DEC 2015: Submarine force is the most vital component of any military and it is the ultimate deterrence against the enemy but if the navy loses its platform and human resources in the midst of a war then it can be a big disaster to overcome.
Terrain warfare
NOV-DEC 2015: By dint of constant deployment over decades in the Himalayas in some of the highest battlefields in the world, Indian troops have accumulated significant expertise in difficult terrain warfare.
Undersea sensors capability
SEP-OCT 2015: With concerted attempts to make the oceans transparent and the development of technologies
Significance of UAVs
SEP-OCT 2015: In this day and age there can be no argument against the presence of the unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the battlefield. They are fast becoming standard equipment in the order of battle