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Raising claims
DEC. 2013: Over the past several years, one of the most defining trends at the Sino-Russian border, and possibly a defining trend in Sino-Russian relations
Political recovery
DEC. 2013: Though there are serious protests by Maoists on alleged irregularities in the recent election in Nepal, the centrist Nepali Congress party won the
New horizons
DEC. 2013: Nano technology essentially brings to the military domain the capability of reducing weight of major weapons platforms
Strong deterrent
DEC. 2013: By early next year India will have nuclear submarines armed with nuclear missiles thereby creating a minimum
Ocean domination
DEC. 2013: The saga of much delayed and talked about controversial project of Indian Navy is going to be over now. Indian Navy is now
Weak leadership
DEC. 2013: The Indian defence establishment is suffering from not one but several malaise, which is seriously hampering the modernization
Asserting control
DEC. 2013: After lulling India into slumber with its Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA), the Chinese have done something that
Glorifying slavery
NOV. 2013: No matter how eloquently a justification for the existence of an organization like Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Strategic reach
NOV. 2013: With China showcasing early this year two prototypes of heavy lift intercontinental range transport aircraft Y-20 alleged to be a copy
Keeping pace
NOV. 2013: To be able to foreclose a war in quick time as it did against Pakistan in 1971, India is preparing to refurbish one means of achieving