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Bleak future
MAR. 2014: Thailand’s anti-government unrest has taken an increasingly ugly, more violent turn with children killed or injured, their tiny bodies maimed and turned lifeless by shrapnel or gunshots.
Fresh approach
MAR. 2014: Since many of the Indian airfields are of dual civil-military facilities it would be natural to assume that if anything interferes with the operation of civil aircraft the same would apply to military aircraft as well. Though the latter are by and large “all weather” flying platforms they may be able to take off from a smog-bound airfield but getting back could become a problem without adequate instrument landing systems below.
Controlled sanction
MAR. 2014: Poor state of the financial affairs of the country has ensured that the defence budget will not be a game changer in the coming financial year. The Indian armed forces are already feeling handicapped because of inordinate delay in finalizing cabinet
Strong shield
MAR. 2014: Protection against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks is practically non-existent in India in the context of the urban target. So as far as the rural ambiance is concerned NBC protection is being provided only to troops that would be expected either to secure an area after an attack or launch counter-attacks on the enemy
China's hegemony
FEB. 2014: China’s rise in the past decades has been extraordinary. It has grown to become an economic powerhouse and a military giant.
Border surveillance
FEB. 2014: Almost 15,000 kms long border spanning six countries require constant monitoring but in terms of prioritizing the border areas for more effective surveillance, the Indian Army needs to focus more on the borders with China and Pakistan and to a lesser degree on the borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, while other countries
Fighter upgradation
FEB. 2014: If the IAF philosophy is indeed one of capabilities and not just numbers there is a very valid underpinning to it in the series of upgradations that have been undertaken over the past decade and is still continuing.
Naval warfare
JAN. 2014: Since the sea warfare is changing at a rapid pace with the introduction of best of technology into the sea borne underwater
Navy accidents
JAN. 2014: As the fire and huge explosion incident in the INS Sindhurakshak submarine last 14 August is still fresh in public memory
Army helicopters
JAN. 2014: The template for modernization of the Army Aviation Corps, now nearly three decades of age, is the ability