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Challenges for Modi
MAY 2014: With the change of Indian leadership after a decade, the international community is closely observing the strategic
Air to air combat
MAY 2014: Establishing air supremacy is the primary mission of any air force hence the air to air combat is often dubbed as the cat and mouse game in the skies. The ability to detect the enemy aircraft before being detected and immediate release of on board air to air missile will provide a critical edge to the air warriors. Air forces world over have been upgrading their air combat capability with more and more advanced platforms equipped with longer range and accurate hit capable air to air missiles.
Combat mission
MAY 2014: Though armed forces all over the world are taking necessary steps to modernize and be ready to take on any challenge from rival
Role of UAV
MAY 2014: There has been a mad rush for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the past decade or so but it does not seem to have ameliorated
Special forces
MAY 2014: In today’s swift and intense warfare of 21st century, the Special Forces have already earned a special position for themselves
Naval infrastructure
APR. 2014: The creation of naval infrastructure has been dogged by an absence of funding. While there are more than 40 warships in various
PGM technology
APR. 2014: In 1999 during the Kargil war India felt very acutely the need for air-delivered precision guided munitions. Freefall bombs
Modern weapon
APR. 2014: Since conventional weapons are not able to deliver the kinetic punch, leading militaries are now looking for a more potent weapon that can travel near to the speed of light.
False hopes
MAR. 2014: With the acceptance of formal invite from Pakistan, it appeared that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would have visited Pakistan this month. It was supposed to be his final major diplomatic endeavor as Prime Minister.
Tough rivalry
MAR. 2014: Much has been said lately about the China-Japan rivalry spreading to the continent of Africa. Perhaps, this is logically so. Japan’s growing interest in Africa as a lucrative market for economic ties and energy security