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Now India will move on a forward trajectory

With the change of power center in India, India’s rise to attaining a great power status may now prove to be unstoppable. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is all set to instill the confidence which was missing in the entire tenure of UPA-II. Modi will take India to that height which most powers may not have been anticipated in the past. However, it needs lot of hard work and sincerity, along with fast adapting to the task. Otherwise the mission will remain incomplete despite having other elements in place. No doubt it is a great challenge. Modi will succeed. Yet, if Modi fails then India will fail. The whole purpose will be lost.


The BJP led NDA government in power will try its best and put bulk of its resources to achieve three key elements in the first five year tenure such as bolstering India’s economic power, strengthening India’s military power and enhancing India’s cultural power, often known as soft power base.

Under Modi, there is no doubt that India will move fast, decisive, strong and race towards a goal which most nations may not have thought that such a decisive point will arrive so soon in the history of India.

This is the destiny of a country, a civilization and a continent by itself, which harbors hopes of billion plus and is having a strong critical mass that can alter the power equation in the region and at a global level.

The critical mass of India will catapult the course on its own but Prime Minister Modi will have to only sense the move and act decisively, all other things will fall in place.

The economic growth which went down to below four percent under the UPA misrule, Modi is going to focus tremendously on the subject and revive India’s manufacturing base with a renewed fervor.

The markets and the industry have welcomed some of the early steps taken by the Modi government, already. But they will wait for a while before jumping into the pond.

India is a country which is non-threatening in its ethos and strongly believes in peaceful coexistence, this can be a boon for the region, mainly its neighbors who are struggling to behave as a nation.

Not only they can learn from India’s experience as how to work under a diverse situation but they may benefit from the development Modi is going to unleash in coming years. Modi will go for integrating South Asian neighbors in a different fashion so that all move together.

His intention was clear when he invited all the SAARC leaders and extended neighbors to attend his swearing in ceremony as a mark of respect to them and communicating them without using words that how much importance he attaches for common benefits of the region.

On strategic front, India has gone down in the past few years. Even, fearing some possible reactions from other nations, India even declined to attend important meetings and discussions.

India’s military power is enormous but reorienting them towards a particular goal is the real challenge. Modi’s goal is to develop a real time understanding of various situations and different positions.

This might take some time but he will put India’s strategic defence power back on the track once the scenario is clear for him. India like the whole region straddles in the midst of a change.

So far, India has gone on a reactive mode so the loss could be higher. If Indi can position itself clearly, bulk of the problems will vanish on its own, no need to even launch a move. The intention of India and a leader like Modi, will convey enough messages to the adversary.

If all means fail then Modi will not hesitate to retaliate. Then it can be decisive and harsh. Modi never forgets nor forgives-sounds similar to what United States practices for all these years -towards his adversaries.

Modi will be prompt if a situation is imposed. He will fight his adversary with not just in one weapon but all the weapons available in his arsenal. His understanding of India’s history will drive him in that direction.

On soft power front, India is all set to revive its historical links with the world and the region. This can be a very different phase of history.

Now, India’s soft power base is time tested, yet only needs a clear direction to attain a sense of purpose. This can enhance and propel two above elements, economic and strategic, in a positive direction to achieve a greater degree of confidence and offer hyper mobility.

This will be Modi’s move and this will be India’s rise.