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Egypt will burn for some more time

Egypt is burning. But the situation will not change for better dramatically in coming days. The country is passing through its most difficult time. Indeed, Morsi failed and the Army intervened. But the Egyptian society will get further divided and this will lead to violence. An unstable Egypt is bad for the whole region. Egypt is the only country in the region that enjoys considerable influence in both Asia and Africa.


Egypt has always experimented with new ideas among the Arab world but this time it appears to be a quite expensive one which has led to a great division in the whole society.  Now the people are getting increasingly confused which path to choose. 

Supporters of the deposed President Mohammed Morsi who have occupied around the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Nasr City in Cairo are blaming the Egyptian military which called the final shot on Morsi under the pretext that Egypt is drifting to a failed state under his leadership.

There may be some truth in what is going on in Egypt and Egyptian military's perception. No doubt, Morsi went too far building his own image than taking care of problems at hand and fulfilling promises.

Also, it is a fact that revolution, rather popular street demonstrations, does not necessarily bring good results always. The army has appealed for calm and says it wants to protect every Egyptian.

But no one is sure how much it will be heard. The Egyptian Army is by far more organized and quite equivalent to Turkish military. Its hierarchy is strong and follows a good length of discipline. It however maintains a great honor with long tradition.

All this may not help to ease the situation with mere appeal at a time when no one listens to the other. If Morsi's experimentation with democracy has failed, it may also send the same fate to the Egyptian Army if it goes beyond a point.

The Army is changing the balance of politics but it should not stick to power too long and go back to barracks as soon as possible. Now the choice is will it accept the new incumbent with honor?

The army should be cautions that it should never stand against its own people. The day it becomes people versus the Army that will cast a disaster for the whole region.

The Army should work on bringing calm and declare elections with affirmative dates with proper composition. Any delay in the process of rule of law will lead to a civil war. Egypt may be a civilization but it is an infant in its effort to introduce real democracy.

Egypt's success with democracy will certainly inspire Africans and Arab world. But its failure will bring disaster for both the continents at a time when the region is passing through great upheavals.