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China for expedition
China is planning to create and deploy a huge number of air borne troops on foreign soil which will in return protect Chinese commercial and civilian projects, also meet emergency situations as and when they arise.

The decision to create an expeditionary troop in line with US armed forces is on the radar screen of Chinese leaders for last 10 years but due to pressing issues none of the Chinese leaders ever dared to make any reform in military matters.

In the name of global peace and stability, China has now plans to set up military base across the continent. Beijing plans to deploy troops in Djibouti, Pakistan, Thailand, Kenya, Syria, Panama and Seychelles.

China has also declared during its reform mission undertaken by the visionary President Xi Jinping that the Peoples Liberation Army should focus on creating a marine corps like the US.

Now China has a grand plan to augment the strength by 1.10 lakh troops which should be ready by 2020 to carry out anti terrorism operations and rescue operations in most difficult situations.

The expeditionary troops will also be equipped with Beidou program and should be able to launch military assault or combat mission including counter terrorism offensive with 3 hours in any part of the world.

This could be a hyper ambitious plan at the moment but China is slowly moving closer to this target by raising the strength of PLA Navy Marine Corps and specialized counter terrorism brigades which are as good as combat troops.

China has already brought out many reforms under President Jinping who is visualizing a new role for PLA Navy in future. From mere 12000 troops the Marine Corps will have 1.10 lakh troops which will be deployed in various foreign locations to support Chinese commercial interests in sea and land.

To legitimize its action and downplaying the marine corps augmentation of strength, China has also made a fresh commitment to UN that it will increase peace keeping troops whenever it is required.

President Jinping has a good rapport with the new UN Secretary General who is quite favorable to Chinese idea of the new world order.

China is now planning to open its first troop deployment in Djibouti which is sitting at the mouth of Bab el-Mandeb Straits that lead to the Suez Canal and an important strategic cross point for global shipping industry.

Already China has signed a contract with Djibouti for 24 million US Dollar as a rent for the strategic base but it can increase the money only after getting satisfied with local support that government can provide. But Beijing has a clause to increase the base period for another 10 years.

China has already secured certain rights for its navy with Ethiopia where it is going to station some drones and logistical units.

In Pakistan, China will also deploy 4000 troops initially in Gwadar and Makran Coast but it is worried that the stability of Pakistan is an important question.

But China is now launching military plans alongside the one belt and one road projects to justify its military expansion to secure commercial interests which is pretty similar to US actions on the eve of the Second World War when it was testing its naval capabilities across the Atlantic.