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Geopolitical vision for MENA region
Time changes everything. In diplomacy change comes more faster and unexpected than in any other segment of statecraft.
Intrusion along Indian borders
China has fallen back on an old blueprint to keep India unbalanced. It has revived the insurgencies in the North-east
Uighur problem
Uighurs are waging a war of different kind to which many Chinese politicians and strategists are unknown but
Indo-Pak relations
Post-Peshawar terror attack, many Pakistani commentators have claimed that both civilian and army leadership are on the same page
Terrorism in Africa
When the United States began regular drone surveillance flights from the Republic of Chad over the Lake Chad Basin
ISIS expansion
The ISIS is now calculating a new game plan as how it can spread its presence in a credible manner to attract hundreds
ISIS crisis
Recent gains by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and the well-publicized executions of captured journalists and aid workers have once
The growing Boko Haram strategy in Nigeria
Throughout history, Nigeria has been exposed to ethno religious violence and political discontent and has recently seen an escalation in associated violence threatening
Afghan elections
While Afghanistan is moving towards some degree of uncertainty in view of no clear winner, the recent elections could in the long run bring a much needed change to
Tackling Boko Haram
Even though Nigeria is an extremely resilient nation, having survived successive military coups, a civil war, religious extremism and ethnic crisis