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Undersea arsenal
The strategic significance of Sea Launched Ballistic Missiles can be understood from the fact that under the missile reduction treaties the
Coveted pearl
Since maritime issues have dominated China’s future war strategy, Beijing is currently reviewing its ‘String of Pearls’ doctrine to
Rising challenges
During conflict situation the Oceans are likely to be infested with submarine killer munitions and the navies world over are adopting latest measures
Lacking expertise
India appeared to be set to become “self-reliant” in a major land warfare weapons platform-the infantry combat vehicle-going by the concerted
Long wait
A rapid deceleration in obsolescence in the Indian Army artillery arsenal appears to be possible by the simultaneous creation of
Ray of hope
The artillery modernization program is moving at a snail’s pace even after 25 years. Though in the last one decade, other artillery
Smart move
The US Secretary of State John Kerry brought with him a very high powered delegation for strategic talks with India held on 24th June, 2013, which included the US Pacific Commander Admiral Samuel J Locklear who
Tilting balance
With China significantly bolstering its navy and the US shifting its focus to the Asia Pacific region, both the powers seem to be on collision course.
Scanning threats
It can be extremely disconcerting for a fighter pilot to know that there is a missile on his tail. It is fortunate that aircraft manufacturers have learned from the improvements in capabilities of missiles of all kinds-air-to-air and surface-to-air
Digitized war
With practically the whole world going network centric, warfare in the modern world has become digitized to such an extent that one tends to become a slave to a system that, in the event of a nuclear exchange