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Modern battlefield
After the pilotless aircrafts, combat drones and the satellite monitored net centric warfare, the laser technology will dramatically change the way the soldiers of two rival nations fight.
Armored battle
The US Army is planning to induct Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault (Light) (ARV-A-L), currently in development, for operation by 2014,
Unmanned vehicles
With the success of the Daksh battery-powered remotely controlled robot used for locating, handling and destroying hazardous objects safely,
Integrated combat
The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean ought to worry India more than it appears to.
Floating threats
There are no designated mine laying surface ships in the Indian Navy’s inventory but it has submarines that can lay naval mines with
Augmenting strength
With the Defence Acquisition Council of the Defence Ministry sanctioning additional Rs 1125crores on  Feb 24, 2014, the IAF will soon
Maritime surveillance
When the August-launched GSAT-7 satellite became operational in mid-September last year the Indian Navy became better able to keep under surveillance its area of concern which spans three huge water bodies-the Indian Ocean,
Army modernization
The Indian Army Armored Corps comprises 63 regiments and has massive modernization and upgradation program to match
Mid air refueling
The Indian Air Force had last acquired six air refuelers from Russia almost a decade ago and the decision to add six more is hanging.
Chopper needs
The Indian Army of over 1.1 million soldiers operating in variety of terrain, from high altitude jungles to snowy mountains of Ladakh and Kashmir