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Surveillance systems
Given that missiles have now become capable of being launched in “beyond-visual-range” or “stand-off” mode it is imperative that
Aircraft carriers
India has planned for three-aircraft carrier task forces based on the logic of sea control of either seaboard with one held in reserve.
Trainer aircraft
In a major  loss of face for the IAF headquarters, the Manohar Parrikar led Ministry of Defence has ordered Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
Submarine acquisition
Indian Navy’s declining submarine strength, which has been reduced to 13 in addition to one nuclear powered submarine leased
Naval platforms
Over the past two years or so the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard have been receiving two patrol vessels offshore and
Joint military operations
Separate ground, sea and air warfare is gone forever. If ever again we should be involved in war,
we will fight it
Precision guided munitions
With the introduction of revolution in military affairs, militaries around the world are gearing up for a new generation
Air defence capability
Since countries are focusing on hi tech bombers to evade air defence capabilities of the opponent, now there is a greater need
'Make in India'
Indian manufacturing industry, which has been in a moribund state for nearly a decade now, seems to be looking forward for a bright future
Torpedo capabilities
There was a time around the turn of the decade that a scare was created by reports that China has achieved the capability