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Warship construction
The Indian Navy has acquired the laudable distinction of converting itself from a ‘buyer’s Navy’  into a
EW technologies
New generation radars and Electronic Warfare technologies are changing the face of the battlefield which will
Tank warfare
With all the weaponry arraigned against it including, amazingly, an anti-tank rifle it is a wonder that the tank
Anti-tank guided missiles
With the advent of new technologies, there is a portfolio enhancement for next generation anti tank
Submarine rescue
With six new submarines to be built indigenously India needs to ensure that a deep sea rescue facility is an integral organic component.
Modern ATGMs
In a day and age when “Make in India” is the official buzzword one would legitimately expect that a concentrated and sustained effort
DSRVs for Indian Navy
Though the A K Antony led DAC had cleared the acquisition of two Deep Sea Rescue Vessels in December, 2013 after the tragedy
Indian Special Forces
Recent events need to be analyzed before deciding on how to modernize the Indian Special Forces. The most recent
UCAVs in future battlefield
Air superiority is an essential military mission, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Air superiority has
Laser guided bombs
Among the many lessons learnt by India from the Kargil intrusion by the Pakistan Army Northern Light Infantry in 1999 was