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Constant vigil: Monitoring Chinese activities along borders
To be able to keep a sharp eye on every Chinese maneuver not just along the Line of Actual Control from Arunachal Pradesh to Aksai Chin but also along the Karakoram Highway where Chinese troops have been deployed under guise of engineers and technicians, India will have to use every means of detection, surveillance and reconnaissance it can muster.
Inching forward: MoD to clear basic trainer deal amid controversies
Despite the controversy surrounding the basic trainer deal which is getting murkier each passing day, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reportedly cleared the deal in favor of Swiss company ignoring the allegations of unfair practice by one of the contenders. 
Hall of defame: MoD needs to restructure HAL urgently
Ever since present Chairman Ashok Nayak took over as CMD, there is an uneasy tension prevailing in the ranks and files of India’s aerospace giant Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
Refueling range: Midair refueling needs of IAF
Given the emerging geopolitics wherein China and Pakistan will collude in both encircling India as well as forcing it to relinquish claims to Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, India will need to optimize the use of its air force fleet to be able to keep more aircraft and helicopters operationally aloft than is currently possible with the available midair refueling tankers.
Real sentinels: Indian military should deploy more dogs in war zone
Military dogs are more protective towards their territory than the military itself. It is all over the history as how military dogs performed in the battlefield. It started with legendary Mongol warlord Zhengis Khan who deployed more than 30,000 Tibetan dogs in his quest to conquer Europe. Indeed, US military may not have survived in Afghanistan without military dogs as Taliban used to launch attacks in the night. It is the dogs who used to first report the presence of intruders much before the thermal imagers could intensify the pictures.
Half track : Can it challenge rival armies?
Since 21st century battlefield conditions are quite different from yesteryears, night fighting is taking charge of the forward military thrust in which an armored corps equipped with long range sensors can play havoc and penetrate enemy defences like a swinging bull.   
Pacifying dolce: India to buy 42 more SU-30 to appease Russian anger
India is all set to order a fresh batch of 42 Sukhoi fighter aircraft from Russia in a bid to placate Russian anger flared over being purged from the ongoing MMRCA deal evaluation process.
Undersea punch: India's K-15 SLBM completes development tests
Year 2013 may prove to be the landmark year for Indian armed forces as  the K-15 submarine based  cruise missile, which has  been named as B05 by Defence Research And Development Organisation, completed its test trials and has been declared ready for integration with the Arihant, India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine.
Springing surprise: India's SLBM capability and setting up triad
The Defence Research and Development Organisation and the Indian Navy, recently tested the ability of launching a ballistic missile from underwater using a pontoon.
Fresh approach: India-China maritime dialogue
Maritime cooperation is the buzzword among modern day strategic planners and analysts and countries with major navies are establishing architecture for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, though some of the navies do intend to have a monopoly over the sea.