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Fast data
The Main Battle Tanks, fighter planes and modern warships will prove to be a sitting duck in conflict situation if the adversary is armed with the invisible and superior information and communication network.
Cartel game: The international arms trade treaty
The arms exporting countries, who once during Cold War, selectively exported arms to their allies and dependent regimes, however tyrannical they may be, have now made a successful bid to exercise control over the use of arms sold to the third world.
Enhancing potentiality: Super Sukhoi to add punch to IAF
The Sukhoi-30 MKI which is the main stay of IAF fighter fleets will have to undergo upgradation to remain relevant to future air warfare.
First kill: Stand off aerial warfare
A “stand-off” capability in air warfare is like a taller boxer using his longer reach to hit his opponent at will.
Flexible response: Special ammunition and artillery fire power
In recent years the distinction between the gun and the missile has become blurred in the employment of artillery on the battlefield.
War in orbit: Satellite tracking and threat of hostile satellites
A well equipped, ground based tracking infrastructure is vital to constantly monitor the position of an orbiting satellite and detect its ground track with precision. The satellite pass prediction and real time satellite tracking constitutes the mainstay of the tracking activities.
Expanding footprint: Prospects of Indian aerospace industry
The Indian aerospace industry is all set to follow the auto sector way which started its foray into the international auto market almost two decades ago as spare parts and equipments supplier for auto giants worldwide.
Lethal attack: Push to India's Cold Start doctrine
When the Pakistani forces, in the guise of Jehadis, had intruded along the Line of Control in the Kargil region of Jammu and Kashmir in 1999, Indian Army strongly felt the absence of a 70 km long range weapon system which could have destroyed the operational headquarters of the Northern Light Infantry in Skardu.
Palpable worries: Obama second term could end Afghan war
It appears US troop withdrawal in Afghanistan is going to be accelerated faster than some would have thought as the money spent on an unwinnable war could be better used to save American jobs and boost US economy.
Reach new heights: Naval engines and marine propulsion system
As with everything else in its effort to achieve self-reliance in military equipment, India’s first stealth warship very nearly floundered on the shoals of an American embargo on the delivery of the General Electric LM-2800+ marine gas turbines.