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Moving forward: India to replace China
Rare earths will add new dimension to Indo-Japanese political and economic relationship other than already deepening cooperation in the area of defence and strategic issues.
Connecting pass: Apprehensions and options
On the occasion of the 11th BCIM (Acronym of Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar) forum meeting, held in Dhaka on 23-24 February 2013, a car rally from Kolkata to Kunming was flagged off.
Raising hopes: Iran-Pakistan energy ties and China factor
Iran recently announced the setting up of a $4 billion oil refinery near Pakistan’s Gwadar port with an estimated capacity of about 400,000 barrels per day. This intensification of ties with Iran is said to have snubbed the US and the international
Strategic alliance: India-Japan economic engagement
India-Japan strategic partnership can only be sustained on a long term basis on the solid foundation of deep economic engagement, for which Japan has provided enough fertilizer to nurture the relationship.
Seeking eminence: GCC-Iran dynamics and rivalry
Iran is making fresh efforts to increase its influence in the Arab world mainly among the GCC countries because Iran finds the Arab Spring an idea which is closer to the Iranian Revolution. This has heightened the already apparent tensions that existed between Iran and GCC.
Great expectations: But positive mood in Washington
Post-election murmurs from Foggy Bottom on relations with India and also among all the political and thinking class has reaffirmed the bipartisan support for stronger relations and engagement whereas the recent political developments in India