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Predator behavior: US Congress must stop Obama's Libya war
Babies have short attention spans. Congressmen are even worse. A couple of months ago legislators were outraged over the willingness of President Barack Obama to ignore the Constitution by going to war in Libya. Now the issue is all but forgotten.
Limited future: Potential for a role model or a disaster
It is a good news that South Sudan is born as 193rd country among the comity of nations but what is the future of this tiny landlocked nation which needs a long way to go.
Overcoming deficit: Significance of Indo-US strategic dialogue
The Strategic Dialogue between India and the United States has gained salience in the context of the emerging international and regional security environment. The timing of the second Indo-US Strategic Dialogue,
Deepening crisis: Political impasse in Nepal
Even after four years wait for the newly elected Constituent Assembly to draft a constitution, Nepal’s squabbling political parties have not been able to agree on the shape of a Constitution or even what the future of this small Himalayan nation would be.
Testing patience: Nefarious games at the LAC and Li visit
Amid Chinese Prime Minister’s decision to land on Indian soil on his first foreign trip on 20th May, 2013 and the warmth displayed by the new Chinese President Xi Jin Ping during his meeting with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the Durban BRICS Summit,
Back in focus: Bumpy road to full democracy
The tumultuous welcome and Head of State like reception extended to the opposition democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi in India and a week later the visit of the US President Barack Obama to Naypyidaw in mid November, has put Myanmar in centre stage of world politics.
Tricky card: Look West Policy: Will the new leadership adopt a conciliatory tone?
Will the new leadership of China reset its ties with India under its proposed Look West Policy? The country is undergoing a leadership change, which is expected to come into effect from March 2013.
Hurting efficiently: Keeping Pakistan in search of strategic depth
For a nation as obsessed with “strategic depth” as is Pakistan, its Achilles heel will forever remain within India’s reach.
Beyond exposure: Information revolution and Wikileaks
Wikileaks going public, since December 2010, on US State Department confidential cables is more than just stifling embarrassment for the Obama Administration because it is neither the precipitation of the historic era of cyber war-fare in full media glare, nor the challenging of a century old world order premised on state supremacy.
A clove hitch: Old mindset still persists
From the very first Nuclear explosion in 1974 India became a target of US administrations which imposed many export controls on India for high technology goods and the intense Cold War between the US and Russia led further isolation of India, which became severe in the post 1998 Pokhran nuclear explosion.