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Strong grip
The recent developments in Cambodian politics signal a troubled future for the country’s already volatile political legacy.
High expectations
Efforts to normalize relations between India and Pakistan have once again been initiated with Track-2 and back channel diplomacy.
Striking a balance
The year 2014 is going to be very crucial for the people of Afghanistan. The developments over next one year will have far reaching consequences
Trust deficit
Seven years after the last Indian defence minister visited China, A K Antony landed in Beijing in the first week of July 2013 with a welcoming
First move
Bhutan is finally awakening from its long, tranquil sleep and slowly facing the realities of geo-strategic politics and international
Spilling wider
The anti-government protests in Turkey have posed a grave challenge for Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan’s grip on power. Its ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is being accused of pushing
Strengthening grip
China has further strengthened its strategic grip over Sri Lanka, as the President Mahinda Rajapaksa during his May end visit to Beijing, his sixth after the elimination of LTTE leaders and hardcore cadres,
CoC needed
The ASEAN meeting in Brunei has ended with a joint communiqué which promises that ASEAN and China will work more closely to find an amicable solution to South China Sea dispute after Beijing agreed that it is
New orientation
At a time when the US Defence Secretary Chuck Hegel was elaborating the Pivot to Asia policy renamed as Rebalancing Asia, during the Shangri- la dialogue in Singapore in the first week of June, the Indian defence
Emerging axis: Will India add shine to the Democratic Diamond?
Amidst the race to lure nations in its camp in the fast changing geopolitical equations, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  charted a path breaking visit to Japan, sending strong signals to China, whose leaders were obviously perturbed by the developing proximity between India and Japan.