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Myanmar dam
The relations between Myanmar and China that flourished during the days of Military Junta regime in Myanmar have become strained with the suspension of Myitsone dam.
Siachen issue
Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s recent comments in Mumbai on the possibility of a resolution of the Siachen issue
Naval diplomacy
Though the third NSA level meeting of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives has not attracted much media attention unlike the similar meetings between India
Nepal situation
Hopes galore after the new government in Nepal finally saw the light of day which had been delayed for long due to squabbling and in-fighting among the political parties.
Desperate attempt
The ‘Indo-Pacific’ region has become a geopolitical reality as the risks, opportunities, disputes and strategies concerning relevant nations
Trust deficit
China is looking for new ways to impress India as it feels threatened by the growing proximity of India with Japan, South Korea and United States.
Importance of Tawang
Both China and India are two of the fastest growing economies attracting a tremendous amount of global attention. Since the past decade pulsating economic links has been a vital part of their bilateral partnership.
Future of Bangladesh
The scenes on the streets of Bangladesh that the world has been witnessing in the previous months depict the mood of a pseudo-democratic nation that is hanging
Maldives cooperation
That the new Maldivian President Yameen Abdul Gayoom chose to make his first official visit abroad to New Delhi in the very first week of the year 2014 was enough indication that he wants to mend fences with India and
ASEAN chairmanship
At a time when Myanmar is experiencing an unprecedented transformation, the ASEAN countries have agreed to let it take on the