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India-US relations
Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) , if implemented in true spirit, will  add a new dimension to India-US defence relations as it has the potentials of turning
Rise of fundamentalism
Qatar has been branded all over Arabian Peninsula as a country that secretly supports many fundamentalist and terror outfits operating in the region and elsewhere as
BRICS challenges
The mid-July Sixth Summit of BRICS in Fortaleza has come out with some concrete results on economic front.
Tension in SCS
Recent years have witnessed renewed tensions over disputed territories in the South China Sea. In response to China’s encroaching military maneuvers
Indo-Pak border
The Indo-Pak situation is very much as it was when Narendra Modi’s icon Atal Behari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister. The past year has been replete with
Bhutan visit
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first foreign visit to Bhutan is a great indication that the tiny neighborhood of India will enjoy high priority under
Chinese military
Beijing may tout its continued military buildup as part of its “peaceful rise” or “peaceful development,” but reactions outside of China have been anything but sanguine.
Shangri-La dialogue
One can excuse India for not sending its official representative to the famous Shangri-La Dialogue, held annually in the last week of
SCS tension
China’s recent standoff with Vietnam over the placement of a large flotilla of oil rigs in the latter’s EEZ in South China Sea may create
Indian diplomacy
In diplomatic and strategic arena the new Narendra Modi led government has started on a sound footing with one to one meeting with