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Indo-US ties
The Obama-Modi meeting before Indian Republic Day in New Delhi resulted in unprecedented three joint statements, rare in bilateral relations
Significance of IOR
The Indian Ocean area will be the true nexus of world powers and conflict in the coming years. It is here that the fight for democracy
Iran-West relation
A new world order is being created that may significantly change the old equations and alliances between West and Iran on one side
Balancing act
Since Myanmar is realizing that an increased dependence on China may harm its long term interests in future, there is a growing bonhomie
Energy crisis
Water is going to be a high precious product for next century which can match with the rank of what today hydrocarbon products
India-Australia alliance
The year 2014 has seen the rise of Narendra Modi on world geo-political scene and his getting closer to the allies of USA
United Europe
German politician Martin Schulz who is now President of European Parliament and is visualizing a united Europe which
Border intrusion
Even though the Chinese soldiers were forced to make a retreat in Chumar after the high level diplomatic and political
Protest in Hong Kong
The ongoing protest in Hong Kong has shown that China has not learned its lessons from the past, particularly from the Tiananmen
India-US relations
It was natural for two “natural allies “ to climb within a short span of ten months  from  the lowest ebb of relations during diplomat Devyani