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Modi's Central Asia visit
Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a whirlwind tour to Central Asia on the way to attending the BRICS and SCO
Global power axis
Yet another trilateral grouping has emerged along with  India, US, Japan and US, Japan and Australia.
Situation in Afghanistan
While the regional countries are grappling hard to stabilize Afghanistan, President Abdul Ghani chooses to obediently
Modi' China visit
Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  much hyped recent visit to China  was not expected to deliver any unexpected
China-Pak ties
India has, finally, expressed its displeasure at the Sino-Pak Economic Corridor project intended to link the Pakistan
India Ocean diplomacy
The much awaited and desired maritime thrust to India’s foreign policy was witnessed during the three island
Chabahar port
As the geopolitics is picking up in Afghanistan in the post US troop withdrawal, India has taken a renewed position to
Instability in Nepal
Nepal is a tiny nation traumatized by its bloody past, uneasy present and uncertain future. Six prime ministers and two
China-India relations
A week after castigating India for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh in late February, China talked
Russia-China relations
Russian nationalists often comment that the Chinese are expanding into Russian territory of Far East not with tanks or troops but with suitcases.