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Assessing strength: India should be prepared to counter China's ambitious moves
Conventional wisdom would suggest that demolishing China’s dug-in positions along the Line of Actual Control would deter, disperse and dissuade the People’s Liberation Army from carrying out its emerging policy of territorial aggrandizement all along its periphery at carefully selected moments.
Foothold in steppe: India expands defence cooperation with Mongolia
India has extended its defence cooperation agreement with Mongolia by another ten years. The two countries had signed the defence agreement for a decade in 2001 and President Pratibha Patil’s visit to Ulanbaatar was very appropriately timed to ink the defence cooperation pact for another decade.
Rising tension: India asserts its presence in South China Sea
The revelations about Chinese Navy challenging Indian warship INS Airavat in South China Sea, while returning from a goodwill visit to Vietnam, has once again drawn international attention on the hardening attitude of China on the South China Sea and raised concerns that this will raise tensions in the maritime region.
Strong alliance: India-Japan strategic relations
With the reemergence of India friendly Shinzo Abe as the Prime Minister of Japan along with sinking Sino-Japanese ties over the Senkaku-Diaoyu islands and a very assertive behavior of China in the South and East China Sea, the strategic community would be keeping a close watch over the evolving India-Japan relations.
Fresh winds: India-Bangladesh relations and cooperative approach
With most of the India’s immediate neighborhood gradually getting engulfed in internal strife and political instability, Bangladesh offers hope and opportunity for India to expand its policy of cooperative partnership without seeking any reciprocal rewards and thus create for itself a congenial atmosphere for its national development and increase its regional and international clout.
Mutual gain: India-Israel missile cooperation
The India-Israel defence cooperation received a major boost with the visit of the facilities in Israel by the Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne on 22nd January, 2013.
New alliance: India-China exploring joint strategy for Afghanistan
The specter of post 2014 Afghanistan is haunting the regional powers. The Great American retreat is perhaps forcing the allies and enemies of Taliban to discuss their fate on a common platform. The Americans and their western allies may be living in illusion that Afghanistan will continue to be ruled by the democratic forces.
Changing scenario: Impact of Europe-Russia defence industry ties
The French government’s decision to sell several Mistral-class amphibious warships to Russia has aroused concerns that the Russian Navy will use the vessels to intimidate or even invade its neighbors. Yet, the ship would add little to Russia’s already substantial military advantage over many other countries.
Coercive orbit: Chinese maritime build-up in South-East Asia
China’s assertive rise in the first decade of the twenty-first century has been unequivocal in its economic and strategic rise. As China’s economic growth burgeoned, its resources sourcing outreach increased in dramatic dimensions.
Adding a pearl: China looks for a naval base in Bangladesh
On the invitation of Bangladesh, China which has been eyeing for a naval base in Bay of Bengal has decided to initially develop Sonadia Islands as a deep sea port for Bangladesh which may later turn out to be another Gwadar-giving a high voltage headache to Indian defence establishment.